We have all our policies set out in our handbook. Before you sign up you will receive a hardcopy of this, and can refer to it at any time regarding what is happening throughout the year & the correct process to follow for any situation. These handbook includes Absences, a Code of Conduct, what to wear to classes/ competitions, a Calendar/ Schedule for the year, information about private classes, tumbling/ flyers and much more. We love and appreciate each and every student in our program, so to ensure the progression/ safety and enjoyment of others, all policies will be strictly adhered to.

Once you have signed up, you will receive information to allow you to log into our Members area. Here we will have an online version of this handbook, as well as much more valuable information, for you to refer to at any time.

The Members area will be fully functional by the end of August so stay tuned for more information!

Policy on Loyalty to Clubs…

Those wishing to change clubs for any reason; we suggest that you do this once your season is over. We want to encourage students to be loyal to their club for a full season; once you have committed to a club for a season, we encourage you to follow it through to the end of the year to enable the coaches to show you the full benefit they can offer you as an athlete. Also, it can severely affect all the students on your team if you decide to not follow through right before a competition.

If you are unhappy with what you have experienced at any club, we encourage you to talk it out & communicate with your coaches along the way, and allow them a full opportunity to rectify anything, before exploring further options. If you do decide to make a change for whatever reason, we encourage you to do it in a way that will affect the team as little as possible & finish out any upcoming obligations you committed to.