The story of Outlaws All Stars actually starts at Dancers Edge… Born from a dance school, but destined to become a home to many students, coaches, and families from all over the world.  Dancers Edge was full of dancers who loved nothing more than spending every waking second at a studio learning to dance, tumble, do dance lifts, tumble, sing and perform. For us dancers, Dancers Edge was a home away from home. A place where we got to be creative, active & do what we loved doing, with guys and girls that shared our passion, every day of the week! It was a dream come true for everyone who came, but that dream was about to get a whole lot bigger.

Evolving from doing just a bit of basic dance acrobatics, combined with a little bit of tumbling, many of the dancers started to get a taste for something even more extreme than what they had been doing. Cheerleading was this brand new thing that combined their love of dance with so many other enjoyable elements. Rosemary Sims-James could see there was a real passion for this new craze and decided to do all she could to learn and grow this sport within the gym. Bringing down & learning from as many experts as she could, as well as pulling from her own experience in dance lifts, Cheerleading took on a life of its own within Dancers Edge, and Outlaws All Stars was born.

Since then, Outlaws All Stars has constantly grown & improved year after year. Becoming an extremely competitive program on an international stage, the coaches’ unending passion and determination to keep learning, and becoming better has seen Outlaws All Stars experience some wonderful successes. After running the cheer program for a few years, Rosemary passed the torch to her stepson, David & his fiancé Chantelle. Since this time David and Chantelle have used their passion, determination and solid foundations learnt at Outlaws, to take the Outlaws All Stars program to another level again.
Using the knowledge they gained from living in the USA (cheering at & learning from some of the best gyms in the world), along with everything they learned in their earlier years at Outlaws; David & Chantelle, with their passionate team of highly skilled coaches are dedicated to making Outlaws a place that inspires & enriches their students’ lives. Nothing makes us prouder than to see every student develop to their full potential and leave with skills and lessons that will last a lifetime, in an environment that becomes like a second home to everyone.

Outlaws loves welcoming international guests as students and as coaches, and love giving the students a chance to learn about life from different perspectives. Their unique focus of health, fitness and and the mental element of the sport is something they also enjoy sharing with the students.