At Outlaws All Stars, we are dedicated to bringing you/ your child an experience like no other; right from your very first, to your very last impression! We are dedicated to creating healthy, passionate, successful, disciplined athletes & team mates, who have a long, enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful cheerleading experience, and who make friends for life in a family-like environment. This happens every day within our walls, because our All Star cast of coaches live out these values themselves in their every day lives, and within their coaching.

Our passionate, highly qualified, World Class staff, are some of the most positive, talented coaches you will find in the country. This, combined with their love of teaching, and helping students to progress far beyond any vision they could have had for themselves, is why Outlaws All Stars is going to become like a second home to you, and allow you to become the best possible version of yourself. Get to know our staff a little better below….


P1100080 - Version 2 David James
David is the current Co-Owner of Outlaws All Stars & Dancers Edge. After participating as an athlete and coach for many years, his Step Mum Rosemary Sims, (Co-Founder of AASCF) officially handed on the torch for a program that had been her baby for many years. Starting as a Dance program almost 30 years ago & now a fully functioning Cheer & Dance program, David took over the running of Outlaws All Stars & Dancers Edge with partner Chantelle in 2011.

David first started Cheerleading back in 2005, and has worked his way towards being a World class athlete and coach in this time; winning many Level 5 and 6 National Championships for partner stunting, and many National Championships as an athlete in Australia. He also represented Australia many times at the IASF and the ICU Cheerleading World Championships, placing 3rd in the World at the ICU. David was accepted to compete at one of the most successful cheerleading programs in the World, Cheer Athletics, on a team in an extremely competitive division. They won Highest point Grand Champions at the biggest Cheerleading Competition in the World; the NCA All Stars Nationals in Dallas- he was the first Australian ever to do so. They also placed 2nd amongst over 80 teams at the IASF World Championships – the biggest World Championships that exist to date.

Currently David spends most of his time working in the gym and Coaching and travelling around the country doing choreography. Whilst creating National winning routines year after year, his most significant achievements are currently, coaching the Outlaws Fugitives to an astounding 4th place at the IASF World Championships, and coaching the Outlaws Kelly Girls to 6th place at the IASF World Championships- the highest placing any Australian All Girl team has received. In 2016 after many years of coming 2nd the Outlaws Sheriffs (All Girl Level 3) finally had their break through moment as they competed at NCA the biggest championship in the world. Sheriffs were first ever Australian team to win this Championship, in doing so they also got the chance to be the first ever team to represent Australia in the Summit which is the world championships for level 1-5 (restricted 5).  Coaching is his absolute passion, and the family environment that Outlaws & Dancers Edge demonstrates represents this in a very big way due to the time, and love he puts back into the gym. David is a Level 1-6 credentialed Athlete & Coach. His current levels he coaches now are level 1-5. 



Chantelle James

Chantelle also runs Outlaws All Stars & Dancers Edge with her husband, David. Chantelle first found her way to the program at just 3 years old when it was only a dance program, under the guidance of Rosemary Sims-James. Her love of dance kept her there for many years, but when it evolved into both a Cheer & Dance program, her love for the both of them skyrocketed, and she spent every possible minute, working her way towards becoming a World Class Athlete & Coach.

As an athlete, Chantelle’s love for the sport led her to many successes; Winning many Level 5 National Championship titles in Stunt, Squads, & Level 6 Group Stunting. She has competed at the IASF Cheerleading World Championships 8 times; 7 in Cheer, and 1 in Dance.  Achieving 6th place with the Outlaws Kelly Girls in 2014, and the Dance Crew DE.3 in 2015, 4th with the Fugitives in 2013 and 3rd at the ICU Worlds in 2011 on Team Australia. In 2012 Chantelle became the first Australian, along with another Australian team mate, to win the IASF Cheerleading Worlds with the Cheer Athletics ‘Ladykatz’. It was always a dream of hers to compete with & learn from some of the most respected Cheer Gyms in the USA. In 2012 she got the opportunity to compete with Cheer Athletics, where she learnt a lot about being an athlete and a coach, and consequently achieved one of her dreams of winning the World Championships with her team.

In the gym, Chantelle spends most of her time coaching, working on the Club Apparel & Branding. In 2011, she co-coached the first All Girl Team Australia- the Dreamgirls, to a silver medal at the ICU Cheerleading championships, and the 2014 & 2016 Kelly Girls to 6th place at the IASF Worlds. She has coached teams to multiple National championships & also won a Choreography award at the NCA All Star Nationals in 2013 in Dallas alongside coaches David James & Ryan Chance. As a past cheerleader for the NBL & NRL, performing at corporate events and on TV including ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and currently managing the NBL Melbourne United Cheerleaders, Chantelle has done a lot to pursue her love for both dance and Cheer. 

Starting out studying Law, she transferred to an Arts degree with a Major in Psychology so she could apply this to her coaching. With the help of studying Sports Psychology and Health, she loves making a positive influence in every one of her students’ lives both in and out of the gym. Her love of teaching & watching students to evolve into something they didn’t realize they could be, is the reason she is still coaching to this day & plans to continue for a long time. Chantelle is a Level 1-6 USASF Credentialed Athlete, and 1-5 Coach.


Nicola SScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.51.24 pmalter
Nicola is the Class Director of Outlaws Mornington along side her Partner Corey Wood.  Nicola has always loved performing and found a love for helping others learn at a very young age.  She started dancing at the age of 5 then moved onto something a bit more challenging; Sports Acrobatics and Tumbling at the age of 9, winning a National Title with her partner as Level 8 Mixed pairs in 2010.  Nicolas started her cheerleading career in 2003, on a level 5 team in which she won various state and national titles over the years. In 2011, Nicola attended her first international competition – Jamfest Nationals held in Las Vegas. Here, she and her team placed 1st in the International Open Coed 5 Division. After such an exciting event, Nicola followed her passion for cheerleading & performed on Australia’s Got Talent. Here she & her team made the Semi Finals which was viewed all over the world. In 2013 Nicola proudly represented our country & competed at the ICU World Championships for Team Australia (All Girl level 5). Over the years, Nicola has loved being apart of such an incredible sporting community which has continued to support and create opportunity for her to grow as an athlete and coach.

Nicolas love for coaching started in 2006 with her very own high school team. Since then Nicola has grown as a coach, teaching students from beginners all the way through to international worlds athletes. As well as winning various State & National Titles, some of the highlights of Nicola’s coaching career have been winning; Overall Grand Champions 2013 Asia Pacific Finals,  Southern Tigers IOC5 International Champions (Majors), and just recently coached along side her partner Corey Wood (as well as them both competing on the team) placed 4th at the prestigious World Championships 2015 in one of the toughest divisions; International Open Coed Level 5.

Nicola has travelled various locations around Australia participating in coaching courses and clinics to gain more knowledge about the sport.  After years of competing and coaching she brings a world of knowledge to the gym and looks forward to working with others. Her main coaching aim focuses on helping others achieve their personal goals and working with her teams to smash out creative, fun routines with a healthy balance of self-discipline and fun.  She is a USASF Level 1-5 Credentialed Coach.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.55.06 pm

Corey Wood
Corey is the Tumbling Directer of Outlaws Mornington.  Corey started Cheerleading up in Queensland late 2010, where he joined his level 3 high school team.  Corey’s passion for the sport grew rapidly, progressing very quickly as he spent endless hours in the gym.  Two months after joining he competed for the first time at a local comp, where his potential was seen & was invited to the reputable “Brisbane Tigers” (International Open Coed Level 5 team).  Six months down the track Corey travelled with the Brisbane Tigers to America and competed at Jamfest National Championship in Las Vegas taking first place. Once returned home, Corey found himself performing in a team on Australia’s got talent, who made it all the way to the semi finals. Corey’s love for the sport has had a rapid snowball effect, seeing him take out various States, National & International titles.

Corey’s Coaching career started in 2012 at a local gym coaching tumbling classes. Corey quickly took to helping develop athletes skills & leading them to learn and grow as team members. The year of 2013 was another strong step in his cheerleading career as Corey also made Team Australia, which saw him travel to Orlando to compete at the ICU World Championships for the first time. In 2014 Corey proved his coaching ability, by not only competing within a level 5 team, but coached them along side his partner & team mate Nicola Salter. That year, his team won many titles including States, Asia Pacific and Majors Championships. In 2015, Corey & Nicola proudly took their IOC5 team to the World Championships held in Orlando Flordia. Here they got the prestigious “you hit zero” stamp and took fourth place, also receiving second place in the Nations Cup.

Corey has so much passion for the sport and wants to be apart of building it every year.  Continuing to expand his knowledge by learning all different coaching methods and styles from some of the most successful coaches in the world. Corey puts 110% in to all his teams and strives to help them become the best athlete they dream to be.


OutlawsAllStars-Coach-{377AE460-5535-4B7A-84F3-664E56327261}-dalewingley-0841955 PMDale Wigney
Ever since he could walk he loved to tumble! At just 5 he started kinder gym, and hasn’t stopped since. Coaching and training over the years in a variety of disciplines including gymnastics, trampolining and parkour, he finally found his lifelong passion in Cheerleading. Starting in just 2009, Dale’s passion saw him progress in just a few short years to become a part of the Outlaws Fugitives team, and the Australian ICU Cheerleading team, who have both placed 3rd & 4th at the World Cheerleading Championships. It was both a privilege and honor for him to compete on these teams.

Dale’s passion for the sport far exceeds that of his own training, displaying a burning desire to share the sport with as many people as possible and to share the fun & enjoyment that it has to offer. Aspiring to continue building his knowledge base in coaching, Dale spent 6 months at highly respected World Class Gym- The Stingray Allstars, in the USA, where he also had the opportunity to be on their Level 6 Worlds team. Dale has also recently travelled to Dallas, Texas co-coaching the Sheriffs NCA team who were the  Dale is Level 1-6 USASF Athlete, and Level 1-5 USASF Credentialed Coach.





Kyle Kahaki
Kyle Kahahki is another of our extremely talented coaches. A local cheerleader discovered him in 2011, in Queensland, when he threw a double full tumbling pass, on the grass in a local park. He was later invited to join Brisbane Tigers Level 5 team, with which he competed with at the AASCF Nationals 2011. Early in 2012, he then competed with Zoo All Stars on Australia’s Got talent, who made it to the semi finals. He then finished that year’s season competing on Zoo Athletics International Co-Ed Level 5, as well as coaching numerous teams and tumble classes. In 2013 Kyle moved to a gym closer to his home, Zoo Southern All Stars. Here he continued his coaching and training for this season. 2014 is Kyle’s 4th season of cheerleading, and the year that he made the courageous decision to move half way across the country to be part of the Outlaws All Stars family, to pursue his goals. Here is where Kyle hopes to become the best athlete he can possibly be and to one day compete and win worlds with the Fugitive family. Due to his extensive experience with tumbling, both within his cheerleading career, and long before, Kyle is now coaching with us as Outlaws All Stars, and we are excited to welcome him to the Outlaws All Stars Family.


Nick Elliott




Leon Hopkins-Gamble 







Assistant coaches & Tumble Coaches

Shelley Hopkin

Shelley has been a cheerleader at Outlaws since the very beginning of her cheer career in 2005 when she was just 13. Through all her hard work and training she has progressed over the years to become one of our most elite flyers, who has represented Australia at the World Championships 7 times now on our Outlaws Fugitives Level 6 team. She was also a current National Champion for Level 6 partner stunting. Shelley has now taken her role further within the program to pass on her knowledge of the sport to many of our students as an assistant coach to some of our squad teams





Sam Nally

Sam has been cheerleading for 7 years, starting at Outlaws in 2010. She is excited to start as an assistant coach this year to further her knowledge and involvement in the sport she loves so much. Sam is currently on Hot Shots and Sheriffs (our level 3 and 4 Senior All Girl teams) and has competed twice at the NCA National Championships in the USA. Eager to be involved and help in any way she can, Sam is looking forward to beginning her first year of coaching at Outlaws.





Kat Gallucci

Kat has been cheerleading for 14 years, starting when she was only 5 years old.

She is really looking forward to applying what she has learned about cheer in the coaching role.
She currently competes in Kelly Girls our Level 5 squad, and has just competed at the NCA All Star National Championships for the second time.
Kat is excited to help out with one of our younger teams this year, Outlaws Deputies.




Ellie Fisher

Ellie has been involved in sport since a very early age. She started gymnastics in 2005 at the age 6. Ellie then converted to cheerleading in 2009. Ellie’s talents quickly developed and she was given the opportunity to become a flyer. She has been a semifinalist in the popular television show “Australia’s Got Talent”. Ellie has been to the USA twice where she has competed in the World championships of cheer and dance. This year Ellie competed with the Sheriffs at the NCA nationals in Dallas USA.  She has loved the sport since her first day and enjoys the passion of coaching at Outlaws and competing with her friends. Ellie continually challenges herself to advance in the sport. Ellie is currently competing with Outlaws Kelly Girls.



Ossie McLean



Tessa Petrie



Colt Henderson



Courtaney Louise



Karly Merau






Alex Hughes
Alex first started cheerleading on a University team with Outlaws in 2012. Before then, he also cheered on a University team, but loved the sport so much he decided to take it even further. Since then he has really evolved and progressed especially in his stunting abilities and is now on our Outlaws C4 & Notorious teams. Alex has now taken his enjoyment of the sport to the next level and is enjoying an assistant coaching role within some of our Squads.



Toby Menzies




Phobe Clarkson Website


Phoebe is one of our Assistant coaches. She currently competes with our Outlaws Sheriffs All Girl team, and enjoys the experience of learning how to coach. She currently helps with our Outlaws Baby Bandits.










Maddie Powell
Maddie is currently cheering on senior stealth ( level 2) and black ops ( level 3) at our Mornington location. She originally started dancing at the age of 4 and stopped after 11 years once she discovered her passion for cheer. Maddie has now been cheering for 3 years and is soon going to Hawaii to represent Outlaws Bullets (level 2) in the global cheer and dance competition. Maddie is very excited to be coaching with outlaws this year, assisting young athletes into becoming the best they can be and allowing them to build the determination to push them selves to there fullest potential whilst doing the sport that she loves so much.




Bo Sull

Bo Sullivan
Bo has been with Outlaws from the start of her cheerleading and dancing career, which started in 2003. In 2010 she began coaching and now, with 6 years of coaching under her belt, she has moved into a position as co-coach of the level two squad Shooters and runs flyers classes for Outlaws at the Bayswater location. 

Bo has travelled for numerous competitions in Australia and the US, including Worlds in 2013 for Pom. This year Bo is competing on C4 and Bombshells and hopes to use her experience of flying to assist athletes to become more confident with flying.