At Dancers Edge, we are dedicated to bringing you/ your child an experience like no other; right from your very first, to your very last impression! We are dedicated to creating healthy, passionate, talented Dancers, who have a long, enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful dancing career. Whether they want to be full time professional dancers, or just enjoy a class a couple of times a week, there is a perfect place for you.

Our passionate, highly qualified, World Class teachers, are some of the most positive, talented coaches you will find in the country. This, combined with their love of teaching, and helping students to progress far beyond any vision they could have had for themselves, is why Dancers Edge is going to become like a second home to you, and allow you to become the best possible version of yourself. Get to know our staff a little better below….


Unknown-1 (1)Sue Ellen Shook

Sue Ellen Shook is one of the hidden gems of our wonderful dance program. Her love of dance combined with her talent as a teacher and choreographer make her a huge asset to our program. Her ability to get the best out of students in terms of technique, and performance is incredible. She has been choreographing, teaching, and freelance performing for almost 30 years, having taught at schools like Brent Street, Bartuccio’s, VCASS, Dance World, The Edge, and currently also at Jason Coleman’s ministry of Dance.

While getting her dance training from the Victorian College of the Arts, she also has vocal, acting and many other skills including acrobatics & rollerskating/ blading in professional shows. Some of the highlights of these include being ‘Baby Doll’ in Moulin Rouge the movie, with ‘Baz Luhrman’, Dancing with the stars, being an Australia’s Got Talent Finalist, in the 2000 Olympics Opening & Closing ceremonies, while also performing in many Melbourne Musicals/ stage shows including Boy from Oz, 42nd Street, Pajama game, A chorus line and more.

Sue Ellen’s Choreography credits include So You Think You Can Dance, Jungle Book- A Musical Tale, Crown Casino Floor Shows, and the Melbourne Tigers Cheerleaders & Melbourne Storn Cheerleaders, while also assisting Jason Coleman, Robert Sturrock, Alana Scanlan and many other well renowned choreographers.

Sue Ellen’s specialty styles within our program include Jazz, Theatrical, Ballet, and Contemporary.

Check out some of her Choreographed routines on our Media Page under Dance.

Here you will see the incredibly high calibre of her talent as a teacher and choreographer.


Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.06.56 pmPhill Haddad

Phill Haddad is another one of Dancers Edge’s secret Ingredients. With a few splashes of fantastic teaching ability mixed with a lot of love for what he does, Phill is another truly incredibly part of our Dance program. His forte is Hip Hop in a big way- if you just check out our Media page from our Senior Hip Hop at the 2014 Nationals, you will understand the calibre of his talent. Although his Hip Hop is incredible, his talent also reaches into Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Vocals, and many other styles of choreography & dance.

After starting out being a dancer performing in shows at clubs, fashion parades, corporate functions, and more, he worked his way up to choreograph for & perform in Concerts, Video Clips, the Aria Awards, and National & International tours.

Some of his credits include choreographing & dancing for:  Peter Andre, Shakaya, Holly Valance, Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, K-Ci & Jojo, Ja Rule, Ashanti, & Ru Paul just to name a few. Phill also performed in many musicals including grease the Arena Spectacular, and was also invited to hold hip hop workshops at the well known Pineapple Studios.

In 2008, Phill was a guest choreographer for the Top 20 contestants on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, and has helped produce, direct & choreograph many other shows & musicals. Come and do one of his classes to discover how great a teacher and choreographer he really is!


20140124_150630-3Courtney Lowe

Courtney Lowe is another one of our wonderfully talented, up & coming teachers. Trained by Sue Ellen and various other high profile Dance Teachers since the age of 4 in styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical & Musical Theatre, coupled with her absolute passion for teaching and her knack for just knowing how to communicate and teach children, Courtney gets rave reviews from all of her students and their parents.

Her eye catching dance ability has led her to become a backup dancer for Sue Ellen Shook, Annabelle Eve, and work under choreographers like Alana Scanlan, and Paul Malek. Other work she has done includes performing at many charity events, at Brynne Gordon & Geoffrey Edelston’s wedding, and many other shows at Crown Casino, along with dancing her way to multiple national championships, winning many titles over the years. Her choreography and teaching ability has also won many state tiles over the years.

Courtney currently teaches Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Pom. This background combined with her passion is what has made her the fantastic teacher that she is today. And as this is just the beginning for her, we are extremely excited to see her talent evolve and grow even more, in years to come.



ShannenCassie Magill

Cassie began dancing at the age of 5 and has been dancing at Dancer’s edge since 2007 under the close direction of Sue-Ellen Shook. Cassie is trained in Tap having completed the State Dance Association Examinations (SDA), Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Theatrical (Broadway, Singing and Acting), Modern Jive and Hip Hop. In 2013 Cassie completed Full-time dancing at The Space Dance and Arts Centre, and retained a Certificate IV in Elite Dance Performance as well as being given a leading role in the End of year concert. Cassie is currently studying Occupational Therapy at ACU in Fitzroy.
Cassie has been involved in the Hugh Jackman Redball in ’09 & ’10 as well as the Brynne Gordon and Geoffrey Edelsteins Wedding of the Year . More recently Cassie was a cast in ‘More to C’ a contemporary dance show raising much needed funds for cancer research.
Cassie is currently teaching children and adults with down syndrome, and hopes in the future to amalgamate her skills as an occupational therapist with her experience as a dance teacher.
In 2016 Cassie co-choreographed a piece for Masters of Choreography: A Nightmare on Dance Street II alongside Courtney Lowe and Sue-Ellen Shook.
Cassie is thrilled to be teaching the students she has seen grow up again and can not wait to welcome more!






Kate Gloufchis

Kate has been dancing at dancers edge for 10 years now, she is one of our youngest up coming teachers at dancers edge, she has been taught by the amazing and talented Sue-Ellen Shook through out that time, and also recently been taught by the incredible phill Hadad.

Kate is a member of our first ever dance team to go over to America for hiphop with our wonderfull team DE.3, she has now been to America twice with this wonderful team and ended up placing 6th and 8th in the world!

Kate has also been apart of almost every Masters Of Choreography show in either Sues, Courtney’s and Casises or Mirandas pieces and played a main role in Sue, Courtney and Cassies piece for Beetle juice.

Kate has also done many gigs with the very talented Alana and does her own freestyle work on the weekends. Kate loves to dance and always has and now she is thrilled to be able to teach the skills she’s learnt on her dance journey to the younger generation!