2015 so far…

2015 So far…

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the 2015 season… With so much going on, we know we have! It’s been a big year at Outlaws- Edge in 2015, and we’d love to share some of the fun we’ve had…

We started off the Year with our 3 teams heading to NCA, each of them doing a fantastic job.
Then, it was time for Worlds… This was the first year that one of our Dance teams has ever gone to Worlds, and our dancers put in a lot of hours to be their absolute best. All of their effort paid off, as our Hip Hop team DE.3 placed 6th in the world in their division. Our Outlaws Fugitives also had a first; their first time competing in Level 6 at the World Championships. After a big week of practices, and a great finals performance, the Fugitives placed 7th in their division. Both teams came back so inspired to be even stronger & better for the season to come!

The next exciting part of our year came, when Outlaws had a new addition to the family… Outlaws All Stars now has a second location in Mornington! On the first of July, we are having our Open Day for this new location. If you’d like something fun to do in the holidays, then come down to 15 Virginia St, Mornington, between 4-8pm on the 1st of July. We’re having an Open gym session, and all family, friends, and anyone interested in starting All Star Cheerleading is welcome!

Finally the most recent exciting part to the year was the first competition of the year for all our athletes- AASCF Winterfest! What a wonderful weekend for all our Dancers & Cheerleaders. Our dancers did a wonderful job this weekend with lots more of our students competing this year, and in lots of new categories too! With 2 x 1st place, 5 x 2nd place, 3 x 3rd, 1 x 4th and 1 x 6th place, we were very proud to see our dancers put beautiful routines on the floor. Our Cheerleaders also did a wonderful job; everyone looked very fresh in our brand new Level 1-3 Club Uniforms that we love to pieces, and everyone did a great job with a lot of our teams hitting perfect routines. Our Cheerleaders had 17 x 1st place, and 1 x 2nd place, and were also the highest scoring teams in levels 1, 2, 3 and 5. It was a very successful weekend for us all, and we’re extremely proud of everyone’s efforts over the last few months to make everything come together!

And last of all… we have a spectacular showcase that our Dancers & Dance Teachers are participating in/ choreographing. The Masters of Choreography ‘Nightmare on Dance Street’ is coming up on Sat 11th July, and is going to be a very unique show, with a very high caliber of talent. Make sure you get your hands on some tickets for this show at www.mastersofchoreography.com as we have no doubt this will be sold out very soon. Our dancers & teachers have put in lots of hours to put this together & we know you’re going to love this!

We hope all of our students & parents enjoy their well earned holidays, and we’ll see you all back in class on Saturday 11th July!


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