AASCF States & the Dancers Edge Concert

All of our Cheer & Dance Students have been extremely busy little bees the last couple of months as so many competitions, events & performances have been coming up. Some of our most recent activities include the AASCF State Championships; this is the last time all of our Cheerleaders & Dancers get to compete amongst all Victorian athletes, before they head off to QLD at the end of November to compete in the AASCF Nationals Cheerleading championship with over 6,000 competitors. All of our students have done wonderfully throughout the year, and as they keep improving from comp to comp, we could not ask for any more. This competition was also the first time we had our new Open Hip Hop team ‘Delta’ compete, as well as the first time our new Level 5 team Golden Girls compete at an AASCF event!

The results from States were as follows: 16 x 1st place in Cheer, 2 x 2nd place, along with the highest scoring routine in Level 4, 5 and 6. Our Dancers had equally wonderful results, walking away with 6 x 1st place and 5 x 2nd place, and 1 x 4th along with highest scoring Hip Hop & Jazz routines of the day.

Shortly after States a lot of our Dancers & Cheerleaders participated in the Masters of Choreography Charity showcase at Crown Casino which was a huge hit, with many wonderful reviews from the spectators. Then right after that, our Dancers Edge Showcase at Luther college. The showcase went over 2 nights, and ran as smoothly as possible. All of our Dancers had an absolute blast showing all their families and friends what they’d been working hard on, over the past few terms.

Stay tuned to find out what else is happening at the Outlaws- Edge hideout!

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