Congratulations to all the Students that competed at NCA!

Congratulations to all the Students that competed at NCA!
March 2nd, 2015

To all our family and friends, thank you so much for your support of all these Outlaws throughout their NCA journey! We’re very proud of all the effort these 3 teams have put in to compete at NCA. Especially during their last week of focused practices at Cheer Athletics. After 2 days of competitions here’s how it all went;

REBELS: Had a pretty good day 1, but were a little nervous & had a stunt mistake, plus a couple of timing issues. But on day 2 after a lot of cleaning they smashed their second day routine, got a zero and had much better performance and execution! The top 7 teams all scored within 1.2 points of each other, and Rebels placed 6th out of 13. We’re very proud of each little correction you all made to get you that little step higher from Day 1 to Day 2. Every little bit counts, and u put in a lot of effort to all the small details to give you those small wins. Congratulations Rebels!
MAGNUMS: Had a great Day 1, with just a couple of very minor mistakes/bobbles and were in 3rd place. Then on Day 2 there were a few more mistakes than on Day 1, but overall they did a lot more work to be sharper & cleaner so they held their 3rd place spot out of 6 teams. Congratulations Magnums, on a great routine and how much more you were able to tighten it up in even this last week. You made some really great changes!
SHERIFFS: Had a fantastic Day 1; Besides 1 small tumbling execution issue there were no deductions, and all other stunts & tumbling hit. They got a great score and were sitting in first place after Day 1. Day 2 was just as great as Day 1- all stunts and tumbling was solid but there was a small error in one of the stunt catches. Sheriffs ended up placing 2nd/ 13 by two 100ths of a point (0.02). Again so so close but still behind first. Congratulations Sheriffs on 2nd place but also on having 2 very very strong performances both days, we’re so proud of you!
Thanks everyone again so much for all your support, all the kids appreciated all the messages and posts, and are all super excited and motivated to get back in the gym and get even better after seeing all these sensational teams compete here!


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