Outlaws All Stars @ 2014 AASCF Nationals

Well, all we can say is… WHAT a weekend, and what a YEAR!!!

There’s just something so cool, and so priceless about a small group of people working towards a goal together and achieving it!

This weekend was by far the best Nationals Outlaws has ever had….the amount of support all of our students and coaches had during their performances was absolutely heart warming, and was a huge part of the success we all experienced on the weekend. We are so proud of how supportive all our athletes & parents/families were to everyone over the whole weekend.
We were blown away & would like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who were there at one time or another for each Outlaws team, to support them. You all played an important part in allowing these students to perform at their absolute best, and gave them the best chance to show off what they’d been working so hard at all year! To be able to show your best…. that is what we all live for!

As for our Coaches…. the long long hours of coaching, meetings, inspired trainings, and hard work from all of you has been completely priceless. Our team of coaches, is one lot of dedicated, crazily hard working, passionate people, and theres nothing quite like a small group of people to make a big impact on a lot of people.

Nothing can replace hard work and passion, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a group of people ready to work as hard as these guys to do so much for our kids. So we’d also like to say a HUMONGOUS thank you to all our wonderful coaches who made lots of kids’ dreams come true all year this year.

We hope everyone is ready & excited to enjoy their well deserved break after all their work this year, and we look forward to what the next year holds for us!

A quick recap on results for the weekend:

12 x 1st Place
4 x 2nd Place
1 x 3rd Place
Highest Scoring Level 2 (Highest + Second Highest)
Highest Scoring Level 4 (Highest + Second Highest)
Highest Scoring Level 6
Worlds Bid to the IASF World Cheerleading Championships for Kelly Girls & Fugitives
9 Teams hit 0, and 3 teams had only 1 minor mistake!

Deputies: 1st Place & 2nd Highest Level 1
Smoke: 1st
Triggers: 1st Place & 3rd Highest Level 1
Bullets: 1st Place & Highest Level 2
Hot Shots: 1st
Sheriffs: 1st Place & 2nd Highest Level 4
Golden Girls: 1st Place & 3rd Highest Level 5
Shooters: 1st Place & 2nd Highest Level 2
Magnums: 1st Place & Highest Level 4
Kelly Girls: 1st Place & 2nd Highest level 5
Fugitives: 1st Place & Highest level 6
Bandits: 2nd
Rebels: 2nd
Ricochets: 2nd
Legends: 2nd
Spirits: 3rd

Thank you to all our wonderful coaches & students & families that made all of this possible….We hope you enjoyed this season as much as we did… Enjoy your well earned break!

Chants & Dave

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