Outlaws All Stars Kelly Girls- 6th in the World

The Outlaws All Stars Kelly Girls are a team of dedicated, passionate girls who live and breathe the positive lifestyle cheerleading can give. As the first Outlaws All Girl Team to ever compete at worlds, all the girls wanted to make sure they put their absolute best foot forward when representing their gym, and Australia.
After winning the bid to Worlds, at the 2013 AASCF Nationals, the Kelly Girls were more determined than ever to come together as a team & achieve their absolute best at the 2014 World Championships.
After months and months of hard work and preparation, training up to 20 hours a week- putting in both team work and individual work, and sacrificing a lot of opportunities, all of their hard work clicked into place at the right time & right place- the USASF World Championships on Finals day. They did the best performance they had ever done. Then it was results time…
After seeing the calibre of the talented teams at Worlds, the girls were excited at just the idea of making Top 10. But then their name was called out, and the sound of 6th was music to their ears- you couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces! It was an ecstatic moment, for all their hard work to have come together at the right time, especially for many of these girls whose journey in Level 5 cheerleading has just begun. We are so proud of these girls and look forward to this being the start of a very exciting journey for them, and so many of our teams at Outlaws All Stars.

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