If you want to join the Outlaws All Stars Cheer family, come down to Team Placements on Sunday 7th December…
All ages and abilities welcome…. Come down on this date to be placed on a team, and become the athlete you were born to be!

No need to book anything, just turn up to your allocated time based on your age.
Come to the session time, based what age you will be, on 31st Dec, 2015.
Yes.. this is next years date, but this is how the divisions are formed for next year’s competitive season :)

You don’t need to assess your ability. All you need to do is come in comfortable clothes you can move around in. Team Placement cost is $15 for the assessment & contributes to next year’s registration cost. (If you’re going to miss your session, please book an appointment with a coach to do your placement before this date so you don’t miss out- email If you can’t make either of these dates, you are still welcome to have a team placement session after these dates, these may just be fewer spots available on teams.

3-8yrs:   Sun 9.30am

9-11yrs:  Sun 10.30am

12-14yrs: Sun 11.30am

15-17yrs: Sun 1.30pm

18yrs+ :  Sun 3.00pm

 Level 6 Worlds Team (must be 17yrs + from next year): Sun 4pm


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