Team Placements 2016

Cheer schools 2016

It’s still not too late

You can still join the LTNTLT family for the 2016 season we still have spots available for;

Junior 1, Junior 2, Senior 1, Senior 2 , Open 3, Open 4, Open 5

If you’re still unsure, come down and have a look at the gym & how we train. We can help you guys get to where you want to be.

Do you want to be taught the ‪#‎LTNLTL way for 2016, now is your chance!

Schools Programs 2016

Have you ever wanted cheerleading at your school, Outlaws are reaching out the schools around Bayswater and Mornington who would be interested in having Cheerleading as a sport for all children to participate in.  We offer a few options for schools, please contact us at for more information.

Team Placements 2016

If you’d like to come down to be placed on a Team at Outlaws All Stars for the 2016 season, here’s all the info you need! We have two fully equipped locations for you to choose from.

Placement Cost: $15
When you sign up for 2016, $5 from your placment is credited to your account for the season.



Mornington Placements
15 Virginia Street, Mornington VIC




Bayswater Placements
11 Ricdanic Drive, Bayswater VIC
If you would like any further information about team placements for 2016 please email:

New Gym Bayswater

What Level will I be put into?

Please click on the link below for a guide as to which skills need to be demonstrated for each level. Teams are getting much more competitive, and it is common for all students on a team to have every tumbling & stunting skill of that level. Our goal is to make the strongest, most successful teams possible, which means having the people that best fit that team, at that time. Here is a link to a video demonstrating the tumbling skills required for each level.
(There is no specific requirement for Level 1 tumbling, and beginners with no tumbling are very welcome. This video shows the skills that can be competed at Level 1)

Guide to what level is what in 2016


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