Team Placement for 2015 Cheer squads.
If you missed our team placement day, please email to arrange a Team Placement session to join the Outlaws All Stars family!

 TERM 1  cont’d

Mon 30th March

2 Weeks of Holidays for Dance. Classes start back on Mon 13th April

Cheer Choreography sessions start today- no normal classes for the next 2 weeks; Choreography sessions replace normal cheer classes.
(Cheer holidays coincide with IASF Worlds & will be from Sat 18/4- Fri 1/5)


Cheer Choreography sessions: 

Mon 6th April

10-2pm: Rogues
5-9pm: Sheriffs
6-10pm: C4

Tues 7th April

9.30-1.30pm: Bandits
10am-2pm: Smoke
4-8pm: Hot Shots & Rebels
6-9pm: Notorious Stunt (Worlds ppl train 4 Worlds @8)
8-10pm: Worlds

Wed 8th April

9.30- 12pm: Bandits
10-2pm: Rogues
2-6pm: Bullets & Deputies
6-10pm: C4 & Sharpshooters

7-10pm: Kelly Girls (Stunt Session)

Thurs 9th April

10-2pm: Triggers & Smoke
4-8pm: Rebels & Spirits
6-9pm: Notorious Stunt (Worlds ppl training 4 Worlds @8)
8-10pm: Worlds

Fri 10th April

12-4pm: Deputies & Golden Girls
4-8pm: Spirits
6-10pm: Shooters

Ricochets times TBC
The rest of the Level 5 & 6 teams’ Choreography will be after the Worlds Teams arrive home.

Sat 11th April
Normal Cheer Classes Continue- Last week of Term 1
Dancers perform @the Rebel Gala Ball

Mon 13th April
Term 2 Dance Classes begin
Cheer Classes continue as normal

All Level 1-3 Cheerleaders need to be fitted for the new Outlaws Uniform for 2015.
This is a brand new uniform and will take some time to do, so please make sure you come to your allocated uniform fitting time. Come at the start of your allocated time. E.g. 5-6pm means arrive at 5pm.
If you do not come to get fitted, you will not have a uniform. If you need to switch your allocated time, please chat to Dajan at reception.

Tues 14th April
4-5pm: Rogues Uniform Fitting
5-6pm: Shooters Uniform Fitting
6-7pm: Hot Shots Uniform Fitting
7-8pm: Sharpshooters Uniform Fitting

Wed 15th April
4.30-5.30pm: Deputies Uniform Fitting
7-8pm: Rebels Uniform Fitting

Thurs 16th April
4.30-5.30: Bullets Uniform Fitting
5.30-6.30: Bandits & Triggers Uniform Fitting
6.45-8pm: Spirits Uniform Fitting

Fri 17th April
5-6pm: Smoke Uniform Fitting
6-7pm: Legends Uniform Fitting
7-8pm: Ricochets Uniform Fitting

Fri 17th April
Last day of Term 1 Classes for Cheer
(Term 2 Cheer starts on SAT 1st May)



Sat 2nd May
Term 2 Starts for Cheer
Dance continues as normal (this is the 3rd week of Term for Dance)


Dates Later in the Year…

– AASCF Winterfest for Cheer & Dance: 26th-28th June

– TERM 2: Last Day of Term 2 Cheer & Dance Classes: Fri 26th June

2 Weeks Hol’s for Cheer & Dance (after Winterfest): Mon 29th June – Friday 10th July
**Level 5-6 teams will have training sessions scheduled throughout these holidays… times TBC

– TERM 3: Cheer & Dance Term 3 Begins on Sat 11th July

– Masters of Choreography for Dancers: July 11th

– AASCF Battle for Cheer: 7-9th August

– State School Spectacular- September 12th

– AASCF States Competition for Cheer & Dance: Sept 18th-20th
Last day of Cheer & Dance Classes for Term 3- Fri 18th Sept

Cheer Class break from Mon 21st Sept- Fri 25th Sept
Dance Class break from Sat 19th Sept- Fri 2nd Oct (after States)
(Extra dance classes may be added for concert preparation during   this time. Please speak to your dance teachers closer to these dates.)

– Masters of Choreography for Cheerleaders & Dancers: Sat Oct 3rd

TERM 4: Cheer Term 4 begins on Sat 26th Oct
Dance Term 4 begins on Sat 3rd oct

– Dancers Edge Concert; There are 2 possible dates the concert may be on. We will confirm which one is correct once the venue has confirmed with us:

10th & 11th October (Rehearsals on 8th & 9th)
17th & 18th October (Rehearsals on 15th & 16th)

– AASCF Nationals for Cheer & Dance 27-29th Nov in Melbourne

– 1 week off Cheer Classes; 30th Nov- Sun 6th Dec.
This time includes a short break from Cheer classes, and includes the 2016 Team placements as set out below.
– Dance classes as normal during this week

– Carols by Candlelight @ Knox: Sat 5th Dec

– Outlaws Team Placements: Sat 5th & Sun 6th Dec

– Cheer Classes continue as normal from Mon 7th- Sun 13th Dec excluding Fri. 11th for the Awards Cabaret Ball.

– Outlaws All Stars & Dancers Edge Cabaret Awards Ball: Fri 11th Dec

– Cheer Team Placement phone Calls: Sat 12-Sun 13th Dec

– 2016 Cheer Teams meet & train together from Mon. 14th- Thurs 17th Dec. Cheer finishes on Thurs 17 Dec.

– Dance Classes for 2016 finish on Sat Dec. 20

– 2016 Registration dates will be released in Term 4