Nationals & Pinnacle 2016


We took a massive 28 teams to Nationals and 13 teams to Pinnacle. It was 4 extremely long hot days on the sunny Gold Coast with about 75% of our teams hitting zero deductions. We are so proud of each and everyone of them as all the hard work they have put in over the year at the gym was shown in their performances on the competition floor. the final results were:

             NATIONALS                                                                  PINNACLE

12 x 1st                                                                          5 x 1st

11 x 2nd                                                                         3 x 2nd

1 x 3rd                                                                          2 x 3rd

2 x 5th

                                 GRAND CHAMPION – Levels 1,2,4 & 5



States 2016

AASCF States proved to be an enjoyable and successful weekend, with the most Outlaws athletes competing at the one competition this year! With Cheer and Dance both being held across the two days, this provided participants, family and friends with an opportunity to watch and support other teams from Outlaws-Edge. With weather peaking, and located at MSAC next to Albert Park Lake, the weekend highlighted the incredible atmosphere and supportive environment found in teams, between locations, and amongst the entire club! The Grand Champion banners awarded to teams in every level that the club was entered, as well as new Pinnacle Bids awarded, were a testament to the hard work of the coaches, athletes and parents!











Olympia 2016

The various teams across both Mornington and Bayswater locations that did not compete at Winterfest, competed at the CheerBrandz Olympia 2-day competition. This new competition was held at Hisense Arena; a venue many of the LTNLTL athletes were yet to compete at. Despite only a few teams competing, black and yellow filled the arena, and we walked away with Level 2 – 5 Grand Champion. Furthermore, Rebels were awarded with a Full Paid bid to The Global Cheer and Dance Games in Hawaii 2017, with Black Ops awarded at At-Large bid to the same competition. This competition has enhanced athletes prospects of competing in various regions around the world, with The Global Cheer and Dance games in Hawaii being added as a regular event to our competition calendar!




Battle 2016

With the vast majority of the Outlaws program competing, AASCF VIC Battle 2016 proved to be a busy competition at the State Basketball Centre in Knox. With over 42 LNTLTL performances over the 2 days, all students and coaches put their absolute all into the competition! We came home with Level 1 – 5 Grand Champions, and Pinnacle Banners. Special congratulations and mention to the teams that newly won these banners, displaying the versatility and consistency of skill across both Mornington and Bayswater locations.





Winterfest 2016

Incredible turn out the the Victorian Winterfest, the LTNLTL cheer teams smashed the purple floor.  Even though we only had approximately half of our program compete due to all the amazing international travel at the beginning of 2016, we came home with level 1-4 Grand Champion and Pinnacle Banners.  Including the first Grand Champion Banner for our new location in Mornington.  The athletes at Outlaws have worked so hard at the beginning of this year, working on basics of their level and cleaning each and every part of their routines, this is a true credit to the dedicated staff at Outlaws All Stars.


Kelly Girls and DE.3 @ Worlds 2016

Cheer worlds photo

‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ we were screaming all the way from the USA just two short weeks ago, when Kelly Girls & DE.3 competed at the Worlds Championships at ESPN World wide of sports.

It all started when Kelly Girls arrived in Daytona Beach to compete at the NCA Beach International Championships, to have practice competing as a team. With only one day rest we were in warm up, ready to go for our first competition as a team, supported by the lovely Dreamtyme and SCC athletes also competing that day.

We came off the floor with an underwhelmed feeling as the team had not performed to the best of their ability. After this happened, the team decided we needed to get to work if we were going to compete at worlds in a week, so we took a short break, marshaled to the grass at Daytona & trained as a team for 2 hours. This allowed us to break down our routine and re-focus on what we need to do to be our best.  

 Daytona TeamAfter having an amazing team bonding session & scavenger hunt which found us pretending to be mermaids, rolling in the sand, creating music videos and catching fish, we continued on our venture to Texas. This is where the Kelly’s caught up with DE.3 who had just flown in, and the real work started at Cheer Athletics in Plano, Texas, with both teams working towards being their absolute best.

We were lucky enough to have Victoria & Derrick from Wildcats, alongside Chantelle & David work with us for a few days to get us ready, and DE.3 worked super hard with coach Phil Haddad up to 5 hours a day to clean & perfect their routine.

With 4 full days of training up to 5 hours a day, and being in a gym of that cali
bar surrounded by such incredible athletes, we all became so much better, leading Kelly Girls to achieve a “0”deduction routine in their second last practice, and then again in front of a huge, supportive crowd at the “Cheer Athletics Worlds Show Offs”, viewed all over the world.  Show Offs kelly's

Pyramid Cheer Kelly's

This was definitely a highlight of our trip, DE.3 also showcased their incredible hip hop routine at the Show Offs & the crowd loved it.  

After strapping up everyday, training until we dropped, and performing with some of the best, we were ready to travel to Disney World to achieve our dream to compete at the World Championships!

We finally arrived in Disney World in Orlando, FL & checked into our rooms late at night on the Thursday.

Ara WorldsBright and early in the morning DE.3 & Kelly’s had a team practice at the All Star Sports resort on the football field with DE.3. After hitting our stunts and doing a mini Show Off with Spring tumbling the Kelly Girls had the afternoon to rest. DE.3 were training hard as they competed first thing the next morning & were ready to hit the worlds floor. Everyone was excited to see them and they hit their routine hard day 1; It was great to watch. But coach Phil Haddad still wanted just that little bit more edge for Day 2.

They went into finals in 8th place out of over 25 teams & got to work that night with lots of improvements & cleaning for Day 2. Meanwhile, after Kelly Girls had cheered on DE.3, they were preparing for their first shot in front of the judges the following day by relaxing, adventuring around the resort and getting inspired by the amazing teams on the football field.  

Day 1 came and Kelly’s left everything on the floor hitting all stunts with only 1 tumble mistake; a HUGE improvement from Daytona. After this performance we were ranked 1st out of the Australian teams & qualified for the Finals on Day 2. Like DE.3, we took in all the judges’ advice & trained that afternoon, fine tuning our skills to compete against the best in the world on Day 2. 

That same morning, DE.3 DE.3competed for their second and last time and did an incredible job on the floor, increasing their energy, execution and so much else. Their points picked up in a lot of areas & we were very proud to announce our Dancers came 8th in the World in their division. They put on an incredibl

e show, and got a few heartfelt compliments from some staff & audience members, saying DE.3 was their favourite routine to watch of the whole day; coach Phil was very proud & so were all of us Aussies!

The next day, it was time for Kelly’s to bring our A-Game in finals. Kelly Girls practiced in the morning again to really prepare for the day ahead. That afternoon, we competed in the Josten’s centre in the afternoon against some of the biggest names in the business; Great White Sharks, Cheer Extreme Cougars, Cali Sparkle & more. We Hit a “0” Deduction routine on Day 2 & performed the best we had ever done before; we felt like all of our hard work had paid off & we really did use all of our training on the mat.cheer athletics de.3

The biggest thing we learnt from this is that mat talk can honestly get you through anything! After an amazing performance and watching the incredible teams that followed us we placed 6th out of 40 teams in one of the most competitive divisions at worlds and 3rd in the Nations Cup after Canada & the USA. Our coaches were so so proud of the routine we put on the floor & we all were so excited that we really hit our full potential as a team at WorlSassds, when we needed to be our best!

We were so grateful to the coaches & Cheer Athletics staff that helped us achieve our dream of hitting 0 on the worlds floor and creating that feeling of satisfaction as we stepped off the mat.  We are all so appreciative for Chantelle & David James who worked unbelievable hours creating a routine that got us to achieve 6th place.  

The next step was the Summit Championships with our NCA Champions “Sheriffs”!

I’m sure you’ve read all about these incredible ladies in our previous post, but they got to continue their adventure for one more trip as a team, to another one of the most prestigious events that exists in Cheerleading. The Summit would be comparable to a ‘Worlds’ of Levels 1-4, and Restricted 5. It is a compilation of all the best teams that have won Nationals Championships in their divisions throughout the US season; they all come together and compete against each other- talk about a challenge!

Whilst some divisions were made up of 6-8 teams, our Outlaws Sheriff ladies were up against a whopping 23 teams in their divisions; 23 of the most talented teams in the country, in their level. It was going to be a tough competition but these ladies were definitely up for a it. Once the team had committed to making the trip, it was time to get to work making their routine cleaner & more difficult than they had before. With a few weeks of training, they were ready to go, and headed to Disney World to meet the Kelly Girls with Chants & Dave who had all just finished with Worlds.

The Kelly Girls headed off home the next day & then it was time for the Sheriff ladies to get in some more training. They headed off  to train at Top Gun, Orlando, where coach Chris Tsanadis offered to help get the best out of the girls; with his incredible experience as a long time coach and athlete of Top Gun we were very grateful to have him work with the girls. There was a lot of productive training & after 3 days, it was time for the girls to compete.

Day 1 came and the girls looked relaxed and ready to hit the floor. Seeing all 23 teams around them, they were very eager to get on the floor and see what they were made of. They did a great warm up, and headed onto the floor. The routine they did was a great start for Day 1- they had no deductions, and with only a few sections slightly out of time, we were keen to see whether the girls would make finals and how they would rank against those 23 other elite teams. After waiting for the results for a few hours & then heading to the grass field to continue working & cleaning in hopes they would make it through to finals, it was finally time to go to the results performance.

The Top 10 teams made it through to finals & after not hearing our name called the girls were a little disappointed, but keen to see where they ranked. After getting the scores back & seeing we were 0.1 away from making the Top 10, it was exciting but heartbreaking to know how close they had come. A majority of the teams in their section had hit zero mistakes & so it become about all the small details; timing, execution, performance- The entire 23 teams was separated by only 3 whole points!

To even get this far on the journey was an incredible feat, and this result gave them even more motivation to get back home and work extra hard to make themselves better for the future and to bring back that lesson to Australia on how important all those tiny details are.

We’re so so proud of these girls & the huge journey they’ve been on this year, and are so excited for all we’ve learned from the Summit & Worlds experience to help make us even better and more competitive on an international level!

Stay tuned to hear about our Level 2 Senior Team Bullets that heads to Hawaii to compete in just 4 short weeks! 

NCA 2016 (Texas, USA)

We have some exciting newsIMG_2684 to share; Outlaws All Stars Sheriffs, Senior Level 3 are now officially the first Australian team to become NCA All Star National Champions!!! With an incredible Zero deduction routine on Day 2, they came from Third place on Day 1, to win the Championship with a very clean, entertaining routine. After all the years of working toward achieving this goal, we finally reached it! We are very proud of all our athletes, as well as all athletes who were part of the journey over the past few years that culminated in this success. This is not only a win for the team but for our club and country. Congratulations girls we are so privileged to have coached such an amazing dedicated bunch of athletes!

IMG_3412Triggers (Senior Level 1) also a perfect routine 2 days in a row at this prestigious competition.  This is extremely hard to do under the pressure of the lights & when they have only been working together for 2 short months. This is the first time one of our teams have managed to do this at NCA & we’re so proud of their efforts. Triggers were highly competitive in their division against some of the big names in the industry. We are so proud of them not only for being a strongly competitive team on the mat, but for being such a hardworking group throughout the entire trip overseas.





We also congratulate David and Chantelle James who were married this past weekend, it was a beautiful ceremony which the LTNLTL family could share in.  Thank you to everyone who came and took some amazing snaps of the happy couple.

David and Chantelle James